Deadwood, S.D. (KELO) –A trauma surgeon is teaching bikers in Sturgis how to take care of injuries after a motorcycle crash.

Two years ago Dustin Smoot was involved in a motorcycle accident out of cell service. It took EMS 90 minutes to locate him. Thankfully he knew how to stop the bleeding to survive until help came.

Dustin Smoot is taking a break from the operating room and handing out emergency kits. He also lets bikers know what to do if they’re in a serious crash.

“In order to stop bleeding, a little bit of pressure, some packing with a t-shirt or rag, and then if that doesn’t work a tourniquet that’s so intuitive to put on can save someone’s life,” Trauma Emergency Surgeon Dustin Smoot said.

It’s a program aimed at making roads safer during the rally.

“As I get older I know I’m more cautious of things you know what I mean. Understanding what I can and cannot do,” Rally Biker Joe McCann said.

This class takes around an hour, however, with the limited time available during the Rally, a five to ten-minute lesson can have an impact.

“Yeah I feel a little more confident that if something ever did happen and I’m with somebody I could possibly help them along until help comes on by, you know, that’s all you can hope for right,” McCann said.

“And this is just my way of giving back. Making sure that everyone that’s running around the hills this next week, that we have a bunch of people trained. That should something happen, should they come up with something they’re able to help, and make sure people make it back home safe,” Smoot said.

It’s a lesson that can save lives beyond the rally.

You can find more information on this program here.