SIOUX FALLS, S.D (KELO) Now that Halloween has came and gone many are wondering what to do with their leftover jack-o-lanterns.

This pile of pumpkins might not seem like much but last year over 7 tons of pumpkins were taken to the landfill.

“At the time we were working with the state to see if we could compost when we first started this program several years ago,” said Ryan Bechtold, Landfill Operations Manager.

Pumpkins produce methane along with other food items, but the landfill has a way to deal with that.

“More organic material produce more methane and other trace gases, but we do recover all that methane and sell it to Poet Industries,” Bechtold said.

If you do not want your jack-o-lantern to end up in the landfill, Andy Berg with the City of Sioux Falls says people at home can compost these pumpkins themselves.

“If you’re going to compost them, you’re going to want to break them down into pieces that are manageable, that’ll easily decompose,” Berg said.

You can add these pieces to your garden to add extra nutrients into the soil. Berg says composting your pumpkins yourself will keep less waste from going to the landfill.

“That goes for all food waste and all garbage for that matter, any way that we can divert those materials to other places, it helps our landfill,” Berg said.

Locations of the drop off sites for pumpkins and grass clippings are:

  • 1015 East Chambers St., just off of North Cliff Avenue, west of the household hazardous waste facility.
  • North Lyon Boulevard. Access is available from West 12th St. to North Lyon Boulevard or from West Madison Street to North Lyon Boulevard.