SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) – The 6th and Cleveland intersection in Sioux Falls is no stranger to crime. Since January 13th, there have been 57 incidents, according to a Crime Mapping website.

Many cars drive through the intersection of 6th and Cleveland all day long. Right next to the stop lights is a Shop ‘N Cart.

“Built the store in 1998 and the city has grown a lot and, you know, that’s a great thing but also comes with some bad things with crime,” Dave Grevlos, owner of Shop ‘N Cart said.

Just two months ago, there was a shooting in the gas station parking lot, causing damage to windows, but nobody was hurt.

“It was random. It had nothing to do with my store. It was just a stupid act, which they’re facing up to 15 years in prison for that. So they won’t be doing that anymore on my property,” Grevlos said.

Grevlos says several times crimes have started elsewhere in the city, but end up near his store.

“Things that are personal disputes and things like that and you can’t stop that. You can’t stop people from driving on your property to end a dispute that started somewhere else. But it’s frustrating,” Grevlos said.

Monday afternoon’s officer involved shooting was in a parking lot of a different business, behind Grevlos’s store. But the story was similar.

“I mean, it’s the intersection of 6th Street and Cleveland, there’s parking lots there, it really didn’t have anything to do with that corner. I mean, that becomes a talking point because we’ve had issues in the past at that gas station and in that area, right. But this is just where the traffic stop landed,” Police Chief Jon Thum said.

Still, Grevlos believes the east side of Sioux Falls is a safe place.

“I did a major renovation, it’s not even done yet and not once did I hesitate because of the east side. It’s a great place and we have a great police department and we’re all working together to keep it that way,” Grevlos said.

Grevlos has more than thirty surveillance cameras on his property that often help police with their investigations.