HUMBOLDT, S.D. (KELO) – Every year South Dakota Salutes invites veterans and first responders out for two days of fun and food. It unites people from law enforcement, the fire department, and the military.

Whenever there’s an issue, first responders always try to be quick to the scene.

“Not only where there are terrorists and enemies of people across the globe but also to help where there are natural disasters,” Semi-retired Army Veteran Robert Bray said.

But for two whole days, hundreds, including Bray, have been taking it easy out at the Hunter’s Pointe Shooting Complex in Humboldt, South Dakota.

“You get a chance to poke fun at each other – especially when it comes to hitting targets, but it’s a great day to spend outdoors doing what we like to do,” Bray said.

Every year, South Dakota Salutes puts on this event as a ‘thank you’ to honor first responders, military and veterans alike and their continued bravery.

“You can just tell they’re having such a great time. They’re with their friends, sometimes with family, and… they’re very appreciative,” South Dakota Salutes Co-Chair Tony Bour said.

“Some great food, wonderful gifts and prizes and some great challenges on the ranges,” Bray said.

Bour says the event also acts as a fundraiser for families that have lost a loved one in the line of duty.

“We turn around and try to ease that pain a little bit with a check for ten thousand dollars, and in the past three years, we’ve issued four checks,” Bour said.

They aim to provide a service to the the brave people who continue to serve our country every day.

“When people talk about American exceptionalism, I have seen it every day. The kinds of things our service members do in the face of great odds and danger is absolutely breathtaking,” Bray said.

If you would like to volunteer or make a donation to South Dakota Salutes you can visit their website.