SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) – Halloween may still be 18 days away but it’s never too early for some tricks, especially on Friday the 13th. And you can find plenty of frights at the Jaycees Feargrounds Haunted House.

50 years of fears and the Jaycees are celebrating with a circus-themed haunted house, which they began building in September.

“Expect to see clowns and you never know who shows up at the circus,” Edith Arneson with the Jaycees said.

The scares aren’t just for fun though; the haunted house is also the biggest fundraiser for the Jaycees.

“The money goes to pay for the haunted house, new props, stuff like that for us,” Arneson said. “Part of it goes towards just our office maintenance, rent, things like that. But a large part of it goes towards all of our other community projects. Our next one being holiday gifts for kids. So kids and families that are in need, they will benefit from this.”

Young leaders showing off their scary skills for a good cause.

“And that’s what the Jaycees are all about. We’re a young leadership organization so it’s cool to see them step up and chair a big event like this,” Arneson said.

Tickets can be bought both online and in person. If you bring at least three cans of food with you, you can get a discount on your tickets.