SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Three men and two women from Sioux Falls have been sentenced for conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine. A sixth co-conspirator will be sentenced in October 2023.

According to the U.S. Attorney’s Office District of South Dakota, Salvador Magana Madrigal and his wife Anahi Plascencia Cardona recruited other members of Madrigal’s family to assist them in obtaining large amounts of meth from California and distributing it in Sioux Falls. They recruited Madrigal’s aunt and uncle, Maria D. Magana-Zavala and William Burt Hartwick, to transport meth by vehicle from California. Salvador Madrigal’s brother, Oscar Madrigal, became involved by assisting his brother in transporting and counting shipments of meth.

Salvador Madrigal and Cardona, along with Salvador’s mother, Rosa Madrigal, also intentionally
conspired to knowingly conducting wire/money transfers which involved the proceeds of unlawful activities. The group conducted numerous financial transactions intended to transfer the proceeds from meth sales, while concealing the nature and ownership of the money.

Salvador Magana Madrigal, age 41, was sentenced in 2023 to 33 years and four months in federal prison. Oscar Madrigal, age 30, was sentenced in 2022 to 10 years in federal prison. Rosa Elena Magana Madrigal, age 65, was sentenced in 2022 to five years in federal prison. William Burt Hartwick, age 54, was sentenced in 2022 to five years and 10 months in federal prison. Maria D. Magana-Zavala, age 53, was sentenced in 2023 to five years and 10 months in federal prison.

A sixth co-conspirator, Anahi Plascencia Cardona, will be sentenced on October 30, 2023.