SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — It’s one of the biggest street projects the city of Sioux Falls took on this year and if you’ve driven through it you know what a mess it is.

We’re talking about a stretch of road on 49th Street near Louise Avenue where cars and pedestrians have been detoured for months.

It’s a headache…

“I’ve had to detour around it a few times,” Terry Eckstaine said.

…..but it’s going to alleviate so many more.

“It’s really going to complete several years worth of drainage projects that we’ve been doing in this area,” Assistant City Engineer Shannon Verhey said.

This spring, the city began rebuilding this stretch of 49th Street to hopefully avoid future flooding.

And here’s a look at the reason why.

“We installed a 5 x 12 box culvert and that basically doubled the capacity of the storm sewer in this area,” Verhey said.

Over the years this area of the city always seems to flood during big rainstorms; stalling out vehicles and damaging nearby businesses.

It’s taken all summer to do just this half of the street, the north side still needs to be done.

“The north half will go a lot faster than this half, we did all the major storm sewer work, we did the water main installation, so the next side is to basically remove the concrete, do some minor utility work and then put the concrete back down,” Verhey said.

Which will be welcomed by so many.

“Seems like it’s lasted a long time,” Eckstaine said.

The entire project will cost a little over two and a half million dollars and is scheduled to be finished by the end of October.