PIERRE, S.D. (KELO) — Months before the state legislature convenes, 33 South Dakota lawmakers are already planning to take a stand against COVID-19 vaccine and testing mandates.

The group plans to introduce a concurrent resolution urging that any attempt by the Biden Administration to implement mandates on businesses be overturned.

The group of Republican lawmakers is following the lead of Governor Kristi Noem and Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg who have threatened to sue the president over a federal mandate.

The lawmakers include:

  • Representative Aaron Aylward
  • Representative Drew Dennert
  • Representative Tom Pischke
  • Representative Taffy Howard
  • Representative Charlie Hoffman
  • Representative Sue Peterson
  • Representative Steve Haugaard 
  • Representative Ernie Otten
  • Representative Marty Overweg 
  • Representative Liz Marty May
  • Representative Sam Marty
  • Representative Scott Odenbach 
  • Representative Jon Hansen
  • Representative Fred Deutsch
  • Representative Phil Jensen
  • Representative Carl Perry
  • Representative Bethany Soye
  • Representative Tim Goodwin
  • Representative Trish Ladner
  • Representative Tony Randolph
  • Representative Tina Mulally
  • Representative Tamara St. John
  • Representative Rhonda Milstead
  • Representative Marli Wiese
  • Representative Randy Gross
  • Representative Richard Vasgaard
  • Representative Kaleb Weis
  • Senator Jim Stalzer
  • Senator Julie Frye Mueller
  • Senator Marsha Symens
  • Senator Al Novstrup
  • Senator Maggie Sutton
  • Senator Joshua Klumb