SIOUX FALLS, S.D. — Freeman Police confirm three Pit Bull dogs have been taken into custody in connection to an attack on a 55-year-old Freeman woman that occurred Monday morning.

Officer Jay Slevin told KELOLAND News Thursday afternoon that police received and acted upon an anonymous tip that the dogs were being kept at an apartment in Yankton. He says officers acted immediately and were able to recover all three dogs present. The 4th dog reported to be involved in the attack was not found.

“We got lucky,” Slevin said, stating that it appeared the dogs were about to be moved to another location.

The owner of the dogs, Dawson Schild, is facing a number of charges at both the local and state level, including assault, obstruction and the keeping of vicious animals. Three other people will also face charges. The first of these is Schild’s mother, who is partial owner of the animals, who will face the same charges as her son. Second is the woman who was harboring the dogs in Yankton, and third is another man who will face charges related to aiding Schild and hindering the investigation.

The names of these three have not yet been given by police.

The three dogs, B.B., Onyx and Francie, are currently being held in custody at an undisclosed location to prevent any attempt to recover them. Slevin says they will be kept in custody until a ruling is made by a local magistrate judge, after which the dogs will likely be destroyed.