SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — We know of the dry conditions in parts of eastern South Dakota this spring, but it was quite the opposite from what happened during the winter months.

Dare I go back to the winter? That’s when it was hard to go more than three to five days without a chance for snow and we were looking at snow on the ground for days on end.
Now it’s just the opposite, there are areas in KELOLAND that can’t buy a drop of rain and we went from seeing a lot of green in the early spring to seeing a lot of brown in early June.

I’m sure there are more, but I found three cities that had more precip in the winter than the spring.

They are Sioux Falls, Huron, and Mitchell.
Sioux Falls just went from its third wettest winter to its fourth driest spring.
Huron finished with about a half-inch less, while Mitchell was close to two inches less.

We’ve seen a quick switch before. The wettest winter in Sioux Falls was in 68-69 when the city received a little less than seven inches of precipitation, Sioux Falls went from that wet winter to its ninth driest spring with three and two-thirds an inch. But, the summer of ’69 brought in above-average rainfall, maybe we’ll follow that same trend this summer.