RAPID CITY, S.D. (KELO) — 2021 brought record-breaking permit valuations for the City of Rapid City. While the busy time was exciting for builders and contractors in the area, it was also challenging.

The past year was a busy one for RCS Construction. Business Development Director Joe Hockett doesn’t see work slowing down anytime soon.

“And it’s exciting so it’s absolutely time to grow, while the economy is growing and try to keep pace with what’s happening,” Hockett said.

However, the business did face some challenges. Including supply chain issues.

“This has been a year of: normally it takes three weeks… well it’s going to take 6 weeks, 10 weeks, or even 16 weeks in some cases. So it’s really been kind of a struggle juggling that,” Hockett said.

For the year, the city issued over 4,000 building permits which equaled a valuation just shy of $400 million.

That is $60 million over the 2019 record-breaking numbers.

“It was a very solid year for construction. I think anybody who has spent anytime living or visiting Rapid City certainly saw the building going on,” Shoemaker said.

Darrell Shoemaker with the city says Rapid City had some big construction projects that contributed to the valuation total, but homes and apartments also played a major role due to the influx in people moving to the area.

“The contractors, they’re all huddled up together knowing we’ve got to meet this demand of affordable housing, workforce housing. And it’s a tall challenge but we know they’re focused in on that goal,” Shoemaker said.

The amount of permits issued for family homes with 5 or more members, reached a record high of 768.