ROCHFORD, S.D. (KELO) — A massive search effort to find two missing snowmobilers has come to a successful conclusion. Two men in their 70s went out earlier this week and hadn’t been heard from since Tuesday.

With icy roads, rough terrain, and a winter storm in the forecast, finding the two missing snowmobilers was not only critical but timely.

“That is a concern not only for the people that we are looking for but our searchers that are involved in the operations,” Pennington County Fire Service with Jerome Harvey said.

Leon Clinegartner and Jeff Willett hadn’t been seen since Tuesday morning. When they were reported missing in the evening, crews started the search.

There were roughly 200 personnel from agencies across the Black Hills on the rescue mission.

“We also have investigators assigned to this to follow up on any leads of where they were last seen, where they were going, those types of things. It is a multi-prong approach. We are not just out looking for them; we are also following up on any tips if they were seen by other snowmobilers. If they were seen by any local businesses along the way,” Lt. Casey Kenrick with Pennington County Sheriff’s Office said.

While many agencies, like local Sheriff’s Offices and County Fire crews, teamed up to find the missing snowmobilers, there were also neighbors who stopped by to help in the search.

“We have every piece of equipment that is snow capable that Pennington County, Custer County, Lawrence County have available that have been out on this search. We are throwing everything we have out on this search to find these gentlemen,” Kenrick said.

Regardless of the challenges these crews faced, the outcome was a positive one.

The two snowmobilers are in the process of being evacuated from the area to be treated by medical crews.