SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO)– The sound of music will be filling more of the state thanks to one special donation.

A $ 2 million dollar donation has been given to the South Dakota Symphony Orchestra, the largest contribution the organization has ever received in its 100 year history. The funding will help fund major projects like new concerts for the Lakota Music Project and an opera production.

“There is so many wonderful things about the momentum that is created through a gift like this. What Dean Buntrock’s gift does is it really builds upon the artistic vibrancy that this orchestra has been creating in our community for now 100 years. It really speaks to the relevance of the orchestra in our community and our state,” said executive director Jennifer Teisinger.

“It’s very targeted to towards the growth of the institution as a whole, so it’s you know, maybe adding staff, but certainly specific programming and supporting our efforts to be the unique organization we are and to grow from there,” said music director Delta David Gier.

With this funding, the orchestra will be able to get even more involved in the community.

“It’s really entrenched in its community, and it’s because this community loves this orchestra so much that it has lasted 100 years and that has now this momentum and forward drive that we are experiencing right now,” said Teisinger. “We are known for performing great master works on stage but we also have musicians in schools and hospitals and community centers and behavior health centers all throughout our community so we are very much a part of artistic vibrancy in the community and that’s the reason we are so successful.”

Growing in a way to be successful for years to come.

“We’ve been on a trajectory of growth this just helps us to actually financially be more secure in that growth. The artistic side of the orchestra has lead the growth of the orchestra and now it’s time to show up everything else,” said Gier.

The orchestra has several events coming up throughout Sioux Falls.