A Minnehaha County judge calls it an extraordinarily dangerous situation – last night cars were speeding through Sioux Falls neighborhoods where children were playing… and passengers were firing guns out the windows.

Two suspects are in jail. Two others – who a defense attorney says were the ones firing the guns – are still wanted.

It all started by the Empire Mall.

Police say a Black B-M-W, with four people inside, followed another car to a neighborhood on the northwest side of the city… police caught up with the suspects just west of the interstate.

21-year-old Aaron Ramos and 18-year-old Quintin Jackson are facing several charges following a night of gun violence.

Police say Ramos and Jackson were in a car with two others when someone started shooting at another car that they had followed from the Empire Mall around 7:30 last night.

“With four people in the car and witnesses saying two people were firing guns, I don’t know if we know at this point exactly who was firing the guns,” Sioux Falls Police Information Officer Sam Clemens said.

Authorities say the suspects and victims didn’t know each other, but when the victims drove to a west side trailer park, numerous shots rang out.

“We had several witnesses that saw this take place. There were two guys hanging out of the car firing guns at the victims’ car, while they were driving,” Sioux Falls Police Information Officer Sam Clemens said.

No one was hurt, but police found bullet holes in multiple cars.

In one instance, police say a three-year-old child was playing nearby when it happened.

Ramos, who was the driver is also accused of ramming into an unmarked police vehicle.

Authorities are still searching for the other two people and are working to identify who they are.

Police say at this time they’re not sure what started the gunfight.