SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — A housing non-profit is celebrating a milestone Friday.

Habitat for Humanity of Greater Sioux Falls has now helped 1,000 adults and kids settle into new homes since the local group started in 1989.

Liz DeNoyer never thought she’d be holding the keys to her own home.

“Just being a single person and the way the housing prices are now in Sioux Falls, I just never thought I could get a traditional home loan through a bank or anything,” DeNoyer.

But now, the grandmother and her three grandchildren, who have been living in an apartment, can settle into their half of a new twin home.

“It’s just a very overwhelming feeling,” DeNoyer said.

A mother and her three children are moving into the other half of the twin home.

The women both had to put in sweat equity to help build the homes.

Habitat owns the mortgage to keep payments low for home buyers.

“In this day and age where affordable housing, a shortage of housing, or even the interest rates and markets, it’s becoming increasingly harder for families to find a path to home ownership, so Habitat is so proud to have the little bit of effort that we do into making that happen,” Habitat board VP Karlie Solum said.

With turkey day a week away, DeNoyer and her grandchildren are home for the holidays.

“We’re definitely looking forward to Thanksgiving because we’re going to have our first Thanksgiving meal in the house,” DeNoyer said.

DeNoyer says her family will start moving in Saturday.