SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. At one hardware store in Sioux Falls what one person sees as ugly, others might find adorable.

At Runnings, they’re selling baby chicks and ducklings, they’re pretty popular.

But there are two that are not for sale.

“We didn’t think they were going to make it the first night,” Runnings employee Kyle Clary said.

Meet Helmet and Goose. Don’t dare call them the ugly ducklings, they just have special needs.

They were in pretty tough shape when they first came here a week ago.

As you can see Helmet has extra feathers on top of her head.

“She’s just the cutest thing so we just called her helmet because of that,” Kyle said.

Goose couldn’t open his eyes and had bad balance.

But thanks to Sue and Kyle, they got them back to good health.

“We just cared for them a lot, a lot of talking with them, loving on them, if they would fall we’d pick them up and get them where they needed to be,” Sue said.

So now Runnings wants to find Helmet and Goose a good home and give them away for free.

Whoever adopts them will also get this starter kit that comes with food, heat lamps, and bedding.

They say Helmet and Goose have become pretty famous, they even have their own signs.

And now that they’re on TV, they say Helmet and Goose will probably get adopted quickly.

The workers here at Runnings say there’ll be a vetting process, but whoever they select will have to take both.

“Because they are very bonded together right now if you separate them they just yell and scream for each other,” Kyle said.

All the workers at Runnings have become pretty attached to Helmet and Goose.

“Everybody in our store, every employee in this place has done a lot for both these little ducks,” Sue said.

They say when they get adopted it’ll be tough to say goodbye.

“We’re probably not going to be doing so well, it’s going to be pretty emotional we got very attached to them, It’ll be a sad day I might have to call in sick to work that day,” Sue said.

One other catch, whoever adopts Helmet and Goose, will have to routinely send pictures as they get bigger and they can’t butcher them.