Hot Springs, S.D. (KELO) — Hot Springs is currently covered in road work because of a massive urban reconstruction project.

It’s needed as the infrastructure is nearing the end of its lifespan.

Currently the road construction and the city’s sewer teams are working side by side.

“A lot of coordination started years ago with the city and the sewer and water and with our work on the highway, it seems like we pick up the same dirt five times in a row, but it all works out fine,” state department of transportation area engineer of Custer Richard Zacher said.

Portions of the road are being totally reconstructed, as some areas have been untouched since 1928.

“When it did start, it was pretty hectic back and forth for a lot of businesses, but the end result is going to be phenomenal and we’re looking for the impact on the community and what it’ll bring to our community when it’s all finished,” Ace Hardware Owner Brad Bedner said.

While this rural reconstruction project stretches all the way through town in Hot Springs, over 75% of it is already underway or completed, with 10 of the 15 phases being under that area, so Hot Springs is still drivable.

This project is expected to help with the flow for tourists as well.

“The Hot Springs and we’ve got the Evans Plunge, we’ve got lakes, we’ve got a lot to offer here. And I think visually when you come into town this new road and sidewalk system is going to be great,” Bednar said.

“The new sidewalks, ADA accessibility, a new highway in front and the suspended sidewalk the city of Hot Springs is doing should meet the needs of all the tourism,” Zacher said.

The urban reconstruction project is expected to be done by December of 2024.