SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO)– A local group is collecting menstrual and hygiene products to those who need them most.

This month, the ‘Pad Party’ is collecting pads, tampons and money for local non-profits to distribute these items to those who cannot afford the products on their own. This year, their goal is to collect $10,000 and bring in 25,000 individually wrapped products.

The Banquet is running low on its supply of tampons and pads for guests.

“Every single day there is someone coming through the door, during office hours, or coming during a meal and asking for these products, so we go through a significant amount of product through the year,” said Tamera Jerke-Liesinger, executive director of the Banquet.

Luckily it’s time for the ‘Pad Party’s’ annual donation drive.

“The needs continue to increase, we will just be honest our city is growing and with that comes challenges, so we are always looking to raise a little bit more than the year before because the demand is there,” said Brienne Maner, co-founder of the Pad Party.

This year, the group has set a bigger goal to match the growing need.

“This year, we are diversifying our goals. We would love to raise $10,000 and bring in 25,000 individually wrapped products, that’s our goal,” said Maner.

They will be collecting donations at their in-person event, where visitors can drop off items, as well as play BINGO, all to benefit the cause.

“You can buy bingo cards for two dollars, all of those proceeds are going to benefit the Promising Futures Fund, and we will have prizes for bingo as well,” said Maner.

Creating a fun atmosphere to help people in need across Sioux Falls.

“We always enjoy the in-person event we have, there’s just a lot of joy and just talking about the subject, you know, what else can we do to make this community stronger and give another woman a hand up,” said Maner.

“You know, it’s a really simple thing to do, most of us go to the grocery store or to target every single day, so maybe when you’re there just think about picking up that package that extra little package. To you, it’s really not life-changing, but it’s significant to somebody else,” said Jerke-Liesinger.

The event is happening on January 16th which is Martin Luther King Jr. day from 4:00 to 7:00 p.m. You can also donate menstrual products at Fit My Feet, Elegant Mommy, Fresh produce, or directly to the Banquet.