PIERRE, S.D. (KELO) — The weekly report of COVID-19 cases with South Dakota K-12 schools and colleges, universities and technical colleges highlights the number of recoveries since the start of school.

On Monday, the South Dakota Department of Health released new numbers for COVID-19 in schools for the week September 6-12. There are a total of 667 total positive coronavirus cases within K-12 schools across the state and 1,053 total cases within higher education.

In K-12 schools, 13 schools are reporting more than three active cases, while 116 schools have 1-2 or active cases and 758 schools do not have an active cases. Students make up 446 of the K-12 cases, staff account for 221 and a total of 453 are now listed as recovered.

In higher education, 12 colleges or universities has more than three active cases, while two have 1-2 active cases and one doesn’t have a single active COVID-19 case. There have been 1,004 students who have tested positive, 49 staff and 860 are now considered recovered.

You can see the DOH’s graph of the breakdown below.

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