HARTINGTON, Neb. (KCAU) — The Cedar County Fair board members talked about getting a new flag for the fairgrounds in 2021, but it wasn’t until earlier this year that they put their plan into motion.

By the end of June, a 120-foot flag pole was hoisted and a 60-foot by 30-foot flag was raised.

Greg Heine is the president of the cedar county fair board and he told me that in the beginning, they were wanting to upgrade their flag to something bigger.

“When it started off we just wanted to put a flag by our grandstand to get a little better flag, a little bigger flag to show our patriotism for the country and kinda honor our veterans here in Cedar County. It just kinda went from there from smaller flag to a large 120-foot flagpole,” said Heine.

The project cost $50,000 and was paid entirely by donations from members of the community and businesses.

County Fair board member Jim Specht said the moment community saw the flag they loved it

“The day we put it up the word got out uptown and it was just an endless stream of traffic coming down here the whole next couple two or three days looking at it. We’ve had a lot of comments, a lot of good comments on the flag. A lot of people really appreciated what we’d done down here,” said Specht.

Even with the flag paid for and set up members of the fairground board are still looking for donations due to Nebraska weather the super-sized standard won’t last long.

“Now we just need to continue donations for the upkeep, cause like Jim said, the flag it cost us $2,500 and we’re gonna go through a couple of them a year because we want to keep it up for our community year-round if possible but it takes money to do that,” said Richard Newton.

Specht said that he’s grateful for the community’s financial support and enthusiastic response to the project.