Local Interest High For Solar Eclipse


It’s a quiet day at the Ronning Branch library is Sioux Falls, but come Monday, the story will change when the library hosts a solar eclipse watch party. 

Librarian Jane Taylor is expecting a lot of visitors. 

“Lots of interest. Very surprising how much interest there has been,” Librarian Jane Taylor said. 

Not only will the library hand out 200 pairs of glasses on a first-come, first-served basis, but there will be other ways of studying the event too, like recording ground temperature.

The Outdoor Campus in Sioux Falls is hosting an event, too. 

“The response has been, to put it nicely, insane,” Program Naturalist Sandy Richter said. 

In fact, Program Naturalist Sandy Richter says the Outdoor Campus opened up 50 slots for the event and they filled up in five minutes. Now, more than 65 are on a waiting list. 

However, Richter wants everyone to keep something in mind as the event draws closer. 

“You can still have a party at home,” Richter said. 

You’re not out of luck if you can’t snag a pair of glasses either. There are options if you want to project images of the sun, like holding a piece of paper under leaves. 

“Because the light can go through the leaves, it will show the crescent of that eclipse.”

Whether you’re venturing out or staying at home, both women hope you enjoy the experience. 

“Science is fascinating and this a great way to get everybody outside,” Richter said. 

Come for fun, and be prepared to have a good time,” Taylor said. 

If you are heading to the Ronning Library to watch the eclipse, Taylor says you should park at the Laurel Oak swimming pool. 

The event runs from 12-2:00 pm.

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