How The Bridge Project Will Affect Traffic

During construction, motorists along 12th Street will still travel over the bridge near Grange Avenue.

Traffic will be reduced down to three lanes. During the morning hours, two lanes will be available for eastbound traffic. One lane will be open for westbound traffic.

In the afternoon, crews will open two lanes of traffic for westbound traffic. One lane will be available for eastbound traffic.

Construction on the bridge is expected to finish up in mid-November. 

The morning rush isn’t just something drivers deal with. Black Sheep Coffee employees are also familiar with the morning frenzy. 

The coffee shop sits just feet away from the 12th Street Bridge near Grange Avenue, so manager Matt Pitts says, he’s still uneasy about the reconstruction. 

“I’m a little torn on it. Obviously, it needs to be done, but I’m sure it’ll effect business a little bit as far as the flow of traffic,” Pitts said. 

As a small, local business, Pitts says the pepole detouring away from 12th Street could have an impact on the shop.

“We really heavily rely on our repeat business. We have a lot of regulars and with the summer being our busy time of year, if they’re not coming in, we take that as a pretty big hit,” Pitts said. 

Charles Luden is one of those regulars at Black Sheep Coffee. He comes in nearly every morning during the rush to work on his poetry. 

He says, thankfully at Black Sheep, there’s a few other ways to get to the shop. 

“When they do construction in-front of a place or near a place there’s always an effect. But with Black Sheep you can get here from the back streets as well,” Luden said. 

In the meantime, while construction is heavy in-front of the store, Pitts says coffee shop employees will work all summer on promoting their business, in hopes of having people stop in for some morning joe. 

“We’re hoping to get people in by doing some sales on beans and working on a seasonal menu and do that sort of thing,” Pitts said.

Luden says during times like these, that coffee goers will just have to make an extra effort. 

“If you’re determined to get here you can make it,” Luden said.