The House Commerce Committee in Pierre is taking testimony on an amendment to change South Dakota’s law to require insurance companies to allow “any willing provider” into all of the plans.  But legislators won’t take action until after they hear more testimony next week.  

In 2014, Initiated Measure 17, coined “patient choice” by its supporters, got 62 percent of the vote.  

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Insurers claim it’s more expensive to provide a plan for everyone that includes any doctor who wishes to be in it and that has caused health insurance premiums to rise. 

The amendment would allow insurers to offer a narrower plan with a specific group of physicians negotiated at a lower price.  That would be in addition to being required to offer the broader plan that would allow you to go to any doctor who takes part.

The House Commerce Committee will listen to more proponents and opponents of House Bill 1067 on Wednesday, February 10th.