Large Crowd Participates In Meth Awareness Four Directions Walk

More than a hundred people from across KELOLAND walked in a Meth Awareness Four Directions Walk today in Sioux Falls. 

People of all ages showed up to support the cause. 

"It's really inspiring that people from across South Dakota are coming together to stand against this drug and actually want to do something about it," Ebony Eagle Thunder said. 

Eagle Thunder is one of many, participating in the Meth Awareness Four Directions walk today in Sioux Falls. 

"I hope the people in our community here in Sioux Falls, that they get something out of it not just a walk for one day, that they carry it on for the rest of their lives," Eagle Thunder said. 

The walk originated in Rapid City but organizers felt a need to have one east of the Missouri river. 

"Right now South Dakota is in the infancy stages of meth addiction and so we're still learning and developing all of these different systems and putting together all those networks of how things are going to heal our communities," organizer Richie Richards said. 

People came together to watch speakers and performers before the walk.

Richards says it's important that the walkers hear the message they have to say. 

"We have Native American drums, we have singers coming in and that presence is important for a walk like this because part of the healing process, especially meth addiction is spirituality," Richards said. 

They made two stops along the walk, Lowell Elementary and Lucky Lady casino.

"There are kids that are in this neighborhood, we're walking by their houses, we're walking by their apartments and their parents are high on meth, the kids are becoming the parents and we don't like that we don't want that in our neighborhood anymore," Richards said. 

The Lucky Lady casino is significant because it was the site of a deadly shooting 2 years ago. The victim Baptise White Eyes, was known by many of the walkers. 

15-year-old Eillana Blue hopes others will take away one message from the walk. 

"Anyone out there, you're not too old or too young to change the world and it would be great if we got more people involved," Blue said. 

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