Electronics are a common part of our day, but how do they work?

Some kids in KELOLAND have cracked the code to the science behind some of that technology.

Code Bootcamp in Sioux Falls held a one-day workshop this weekend, teaching kids how to write code. In this particular class, students learned what goes into building a security system.

“It’s great to have young kids get involved in technology. It’s not going to go away. There’s not a lot of electronics and computer science at local schools at a young age,” Code Bootcamp co-founder Will Bushee said.

Krishna Mastel attended the class and says she could see herself incorporating the material into her own lesson plans someday. Mastel will begin her teaching career at Viborg-Hurley school this fall as a high school science teacher. She says this information could help set students up for a future in technology.

“We really don’t know what skills those students are going to need, but we know technology is going to be a big part of that,” Mastel said.

Bushee says Code Bootcamp is considering holding another one-day workshop for kids before school starts.

Code Bootcamp also offers a 12-week camp for adults.