It’s hard to know where the tech industry is headed next as it constantly evolves, but perhaps some kids in KELOLAND will be a part of it.

It’s called Gaming Bootcamp. It’s a five-day course that takes kids through the process of building a video game. But the skills these kids are learning could earn them a spot in the tech industry.

10-year-old Eli Peters considers himself well-seasoned behind the controller of a video game. But now, he’s the brain behind the video game.

“We’re all creating the same game,” Peters said.

Peters is a part of a group learning how to develop a video game.

“They’re creating the images on the game and then telling the images what they need to do,” Class Facilitator Moriah Artz said.

Moriah Artz is teaching the class. She says the session mixes fun with important skills, like problem solving.

“When something’s not working on the screen, they know they have to logically go back and figure out, ‘Ok, my player isn’t doing this. What is missing?’ and they can figure that out and add that to their programming or coding,” Artz said.

Classes like this one could benefit a field that continues to be in need of new talent, according to an industry professional.

“Helping spur some more interest in the local community is awesome for us, awesome for the community and other companies in the area to hopefully get the talent pool broader and sticking around South Dakota,” Raven Industries IT Director Steven Tims said.
 For more information on Gaming Bootcamp, head to its website.