KELOLAND Media Group/Argus Leader Poll: IM 24 & IM 25


There are five ballot measures South Dakotans will be voting on this November, two of those are Initiated Measure 24 and Initiated Measure 25.  Friday night we have reaction from voters on both measures and results from our KELOLAND Media Group/Argus Leader scientific poll.

IM 24 prohibits contributions to ballot question committees by out-of-state residents and out of state political committees that are not filed with the Secretary of State’s office. 

“So far, I don’t think we should have out of state money coming in as far as supporting that so I don’t support that bringing in additional funds from out of state,” Deb McFarland said

“I voted no on that it’s a little bit too vague and I’m not sure we want to cut off all the money that comes in to South Dakota,” Chuck Holstrom said. 

According to our KELOLAND Media Group/Argus Leader poll 39 percent would vote yes on IM 24, while 33 percent say they wouldn’t vote for it.  28 percent are still undecided.

IM 25 would increase the state tobacco tax by $1 on a pack of cigarettes to create a fund for our technical schools. 

“You know I’m okay with that I don’t smoke and that’s a good way to support that,” McFarland said. 

“I think the idea is okay except for the fact that if they really want to raise taxes and contribute them to the technical schools then it should specifically say that in the amendment and not let it be diverted anywhere else they might want to let it go,” Holstrom said. 

According to our KELOLAND Media Group/Argus Leader poll 43 percent would vote yes on IM 25, but 49 percent say they would not support it.  8 percent are still undecided.

Coming up Friday night at 10 — we’ll show you what South Dakotans think of Amendment W.

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