KELOLAND Couple In Barcelona During Terrorist Attack


Just hours before the attack on the popular marketplace in Barcelona, Chad and Kim Hetterman made their way through the same streets checking out the culture and what it had to offer. 

“Super unsettling, especially because it was kind of our plan to hang out there all day,  because it’s the touristy part of the city. We hadn’t really been down there yet,” said Kim Hettermann. 

Citizens and tourists fill the marketplace every day, which may have been the motive for an attack. 

“They talk about it on the news how it’s a place where you could see how a terrorist might attack. I mean there was people everywhere,” said Chad Hettermann.

Fortunately, the couple went to the beach before the attack and was unaware of what was going until after they returned to their room to find messages of concern from home. 

“We both came back to tons of messages from friends and family. You know, are you guys ok? And we had no idea what was going on,” said Kim.

After learning details of the incident, they soon realized just how close they came to being victims themselves.

“Really to know that we were that close to everything that happened there and exactly, like, where the van crashed is exactly where we were sitting, you know, out people watching that morning. So it’s just kind of a spooky feeling, it’s eerie…” said Kim.

“Like you don’t think a terrorist attack is ever going to happen. I guess it was never in the thought and in our mind and when we saw it on the news, we were just, I was blindsided by it like I said. Like I can’t wrap my head around the, just how big it was and how huge of a deal it was around the world,” said Chad 

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