Keeping Pets Safe During The Solar Eclipse


The highly anticipated moment is soon to be here… We’re counting down the hours to first total solar eclipse to cross the country in nearly 100 years.

While you are probably already prepared, you need to takes some extra precautions if you own a pet.

Kyle Dougherty is the proud owner of four-year old Tucker.

“He’s very laid back and not much bothers him,” Dougherty said.

That’s the reason he’s not worried about how the pup will react to the solar eclipse.  

“I think it will go like every other day normally. It will just be less sun. Maybe a little darker,” Dougherty said.

Yet, Sioux Falls Animal Control Officer Missy John says there’s a possibility the solar eclipse could have an effect on your pet. 

“Any type of emergency situation or when bad weather comes, animals will react differently. They’ll start to sense things that sometimes people aren’t in tune to,” John said.

However, pets are more likely to be confused by all the excitement that comes with a watch party.

John says loud screams and commotion could cause animals to run away or even bite. The best advice she’s offering is keeping them locked indoors.

“Try not to take the chance with it. Leave the animal inside the home in a quiet room maybe with some music on and a bone so they’re kind of out of the elements anyway,” John said.

Dougherty does plan to watch the highly anticipated event here in Sioux Falls, but he’s still not planning to do anything different with Tucker.

“I think if your dog is extra sensitive to things like that than maybe. Otherwise, if you’re comfortable and trust your dog just treat it like every other day,” Dougherty said.

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