Johnson Discusses Emergency Declaration Vote


A vote by South Dakota’s lone congressman has a lot of people in KELOLAND talking. 

Republican Representative Dusty Johnson voted to block President Trump’s national emergency declaration.

The president made the declaration earlier this month in an attempt to get money for a southern border wall. 

Johnson is one of 13 Republicans in the house who stood up against the president’s emergency declaration. 

Congressman Dusty Johnson’s vote on Tuesday may come as a surprise to some.

After all, he supports the president’s plans for a wall. 

“I would tell you, I have voted with the President literally 100 percent of the time on appropriating dollars to fund that wall at the southern border,” Rep. Dusty Johnson said. 

So why did he vote to block the emergency declaration?

Johnson says it’s about setting a precedent. 

“So the principles I’ve got about separation of powers and making sure Congress maintains its constitutional authority, those are values I hold regardless of whether it’s my party in the White House or maybe crazy Bernie Sanders and Kamala Harris or someone who may come after,” Sen. Dusty Johnson said. 

Kelli Volk: Are you concerned about how this makes you look in the eyes of some of your supporters? 

“Anybody who comes to Congress and wants to be popular is in the wrong place. Anyone who’s making decisions out of fear and an attempt to please everyone on the planet, they’re going to make bad decisions,” Johnson said. 

The resolution of disapproval did clear the Democratic-led House.

KELOLAND News reached out to South Dakota’s U.S. senators to find out where they stand on the emergency declaration. 

Senator Mike Rounds’ office said, “Sen. Rounds is continuing to review the material, but at this time he intends to support President Trump’s emergency declaration and does not support the House resolution of disapproval.”

Meanwhile, Senator John Thune said, “There’s a diversity of opinion on this issue, which is why I am continuing to have substantive conversations with the White House and with my Senate colleagues about this national emergency declaration. The administration has laid out what it believes is the legal authority on which it is basing its decision, and I am learning more about it and why the president believes this is the most effective path forward.”

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