SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — A private investigator hired to work on the case of human remains found near Snake Creek Recreation Area near Platte in 2020 is convinced it’s murder.

He’s talking to KELOLAND Investigates as we work to find answers about the “Mystery Death Along the Missouri.”

Yankton-based private investigator Marty O’Connor is a former police officer and Marine who has undergone FBI training.

He’s had all kinds of cases in his decades on the job as a PI, but this one, the death of Ryan Pyle, troubles him.

Ryan Pyle/Submitted photo
Marty O’Connor has been looking into Ryan Pyle’s death for two years.

“I’ve gone through this case for a number of months. When it comes to things like this, we just can’t overlook it. I think there are a lot of mistakes here,” O’Connor said.

O’Connor was originally hired by Pyle’s family to look into his death. Pyle’s remains were found near Snake Creek Recreation Area along the Missouri River in November of 2020.

“Where’s his money? Where are his keys? His dog was found. He loved that dog. His backpack was never found. His tournament Frisbees were never found. No clothes, no shoes,” O’Connor said.

Shortly before his car was found in a cornfield, with some of its contents scattered around it, a local resident called in to report a hitchhiker.

Ryan Pyle’s car was discovered in August of 2020 in a cornfield in Gregory County/Submitted photo

“The sheriff goes out and they look for this hitchhiker and can’t find him. In fact, they make two attempts to go out and try to find this hitchhiker, two different times–even searched buildings and couldn’t find this hitchhiker. So the hitchhiker either got a ride somewhere or there wasn’t a hitchhiker,” O’Connor said.

Coming up tonight Monday on KELOLAND News at Ten, we look at the strange circumstances surrounding Pyle’s death and how forensic evidence points to foul play.

Angela Kennecke: Tell me why you keep coming back.
Brian Pyle, Ryan’s dad: I love him. He was my boy and I raised him. And I want answers and I want to know what the authorities know. And I just want some transparency and I just want some answers, that’s all. It won’t bring him back. I think something really wrong happened here.

Brian and Niki Pyle have made three trips to South Dakota from their home in Washington State looking for answers in the death of Ryan.

KELOLAND Investigates met with Ryan’s family on their third trip to South Dakota from their home in Washington State. They are struggling to get answers about what happened to Ryan.
We investigate this “Mystery Death Along the Missouri,” tonight at 10.