PREVIEW: Ten Eyck's Coverage Calamity

In our Eye on KELOLAND Investigation, The Price of Pursuit, Angela Kennecke looked into a high-speed police chase in Moody County in 2017.

The young man driving a pickup went careening down a dead-end road and smashed into a fence post. The impact threw all three people in the pick up from the vehicle and broke their necks. 

KELOLAND Investigates had exclusive interviews with the driver Tahlen Bourassa, who now has a brain injury, and the family of Morgan Ten Eyck, who was a passenger in the car. 

KELOLAND's Angela Kennecke has Morgan's family's struggles following that crash, which is a whole other chapter in this tragic story.  

Angela Kennecke: Morgan Ten Eyck was not only a victim in the crash, her family says she's been a victim of their insurance company. The Ten Eyck's have military coverage because Morgan's dad Tom has more than 30 years of service. 

But when it came to treating Morgan's traumatic brain injury, that left her unable to speak and in a wheel chair, The Ten Eyck's say the new company that got the Department of Defense Contract, let them down. 

"You pay into insurance and they should just take care of what they need to; what the patient needs and we have had to fight for everything. These are real people and real lives. The only person they're hurting is the patient," Michelle Ten Eyck said. 

Angela Kennecke: Health Net is the company that took over insurance processing for military members in South Dakota. If the name of that company sounds familiar, it's because Health Net was at the center of a KELOLAND News investigation in 2017, when veterans weren't getting coverage. I'll look into the Ten Eyck's case Friday night to see what went wrong. 

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