SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — You may have heard, or even seen for yourself, some of the problems out front of the Lucky Lady Casino in Sioux Falls. 

But Thursday, our KELOLAND News Investigation heads out back, behind the strip mall to expose secrets in plain sight. 

Acting on a tip from a confidential source, KELOLAND Investigates began monitoring the area behind Plaza 600, the strip mall that houses the Lucky Lady Casino. 

There is a row of garages and several apartment units. 

While some improvements have been made to the neighborhood to try to improve low-income housing here, a disproportionate number of police calls for drugs, intoxicated subjects and disorderly conduct all happen with this area.  

Coming up Thursday, both on air and online, we bring you this KELOLAND News Investigation into what’s going on here by dark of night and often, light of day. 

More than a decade ago, a couple of these garages were converted into apartments. 

Angela Kennecke: Do you pay a lot in rent for this? No not much? How much do you pay? 

Find out the answer to that question, plus we look into who owns this property. 

We also found disturbing signs of drug use and talk to neighbors about how all this is impacting those on a mission in this area to help people who’ve had troubled lives get back on their feet. 

You won’t want to miss this KELOLAND News Investigation, Secrets in Plain Sight.