PREVIEW: Problems Continue At SD Developmental Center

REDFIELD, S.D. - In 2016, KELOLAND News investigates exposed workplace problems at the South Dakota Developmental Center. Former and even a current worker came forward to protest what they called unsafe working conditions. KELOLAND's Angela Kennecke has discoverd that three years later, those same problems continue.  

Angela Kennecke: Back in 2016, SDDC workers told us that an employee shortage and mismanagement contributed to the problems. But now, even under new management, that shortage has remained the same: at 50 workers.

Angela Kennecke: After the problems in 2016, workers voted to unionize. But the union says the state employees are being denied their right to representation. 

"South Dakota Developmental Center is by far the most dangerous and has the most hostile management," AFSCME Labor Representative Kooper Caraway said. 

"I want people to be aware of what's actually going on at SDDC. Like the weekends -- if someone saw what was going on the on the weekends -- we are so short staffed, it's unreal. We shouldn't be running a facility like that -- especially a state facility," Former SDDC Employee Whitney Determan said.  

Angela Kennecke: Determan was injured on the job and later fired. She claims that she was only fired after she tried to enact her right of union representation. Now the union has filed a complaint with Department of Labor and Regulation claiming unfair practices.

Wednesday night on KELOLAND News we bring you details of the case and look at what's happening at the South Dakota Developmental Center. 

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