WATERTOWN, S.D. (KELO) — Earlier this month, KELOLAND Investigates brought you a story of a sex offender caring for children in a Watertown home day care. One of the children said she was sexually abused by the man, but the Codington County State’s Attorney never charged him, even though police felt they had a strong case against him.

KELOLAND News is looking into another case of child abuse in Watertown; this time physical abuse that went on for years.

This story is a difficult one to tell. A five-year-old girl was abused by her stepfather while her mother was at work. The mother says she knew about it, but was also a victim of this man and felt powerless to stop it.

“It still bothers me that I let it happen. And I should have done something about it a lot sooner,” mother Kayla Jurgens said.

“It puts all of us in a very difficult position. Our hands are tied. And when I say, “our” meaning law enforcement. Their hands are tied. They make the arrest, it goes over to the state’s attorney’s office and it’s up to them on how they want to handle cases,” said Nic Ahmann, former Watertown Police officer.  

Brendon Wicken was charged with felony child abuse, but what happened next will astound you.

Find out why there was “No Justice for a little girl,” in Tuesday night’s KELOLAND News Investigation at 10 p.m.