RAPID CITY, S.D. (KELO) – On the Pine Ridge reservation, many grandmothers know the pain of losing their grandchildren to violence. Some have lost more than one child. That’s the sad reality that Holly Wilson had to face at the beginning of this year.

On May 5th, 2022, a Pine Ridge family was getting ready for dinner when all of a sudden, gunshots were fired at their country home.

Logan Brent Warrior-Goings

“They fired into the home and Logan was sitting on a couch by his cousins,” Holly Wilson, a Pine Ridge grandmother, said. “And when they said it’s gunfire, get down, he tried to get off the couch and get across the living room and a stray bullet hit him in the head. It hit him behind his left ear and it dropped him right there.”

That night, Holly Wilson lost her young grandson, Logan Brent Warrior-Goings.

“It’s devastating. Logan was anxious to get his front teeth, he was six,” Wilson said. “He says, ‘grandma when am I going to get my front teeth,’ and I say, ‘when you’re about eight.’ He was excited about things, he was excited about school.”

Authorities are still looking for the people who shot Logan.

“I want to meet those killers in court,” Wilson said. “I want to look at them. I want to tell them what they took from me. They broke my heart completely in a million pieces. If nothing else, I’m going to get justice.”

This wasn’t the first time Wilson felt that pain.

Just two months before Logan’s death, 17-year-old Hayden Lake Youngman Afraid of His Horses died, another one of Wilson’s grandsons.

“He was a wonderful kid that was so kind and so gentle,” Wilson said. “He was just beginning his life, just really getting into maybe he might want to leave home for the service after school, he had plans. He wanted to be an engineer. He was just the kindest kid.”

Hayden Lake Youngman Afraid of His Horses

Wilson says someone had given Hayden a gun and loaded clip, but the clip was not in the gun. On March 14, 2022, before heading to the creek to fire off the clip, an accident happened.

“He had the clip in his pocket and right before they were going to leave out the door he jumped up and said, hold up, and he made the sound like *imitates a gun noise* he put the gun to his head went *imitates gun noise* and it shot it. And it had a bullet in the chamber,” Wilson said. “So it went through and it killed him instantly.”

Other cousins and grandkids witnessed both Logan and Hayden’s deaths.

“The kids, the siblings and the other grandchildren are traumatized,” Wilson said. “They can’t sit still. They can’t sometimes behave. So what they done is they helped us get into equine therapy here in Rapid.”

Wilson says she now has to help them through that trauma as she grieves herself.

“You know, what they done is they took me when they took him (Logan). Part of me died too,” Wilson said. “When they took Hayden, a part of me died then. But I have to be strong. I have to remember that I have other grandkids that need me, that we need to help shape into young adults and then adults.”

KELOLAND News tried reaching out to the Oglala Sioux Tribe Department of Public Safety for an update on this case, but have not heard back. The FBI says the case is still open and anyone with information is asked to call 1-800-CALL-FBI.