SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — In Thursday night’s KELOLAND News Investigation, we’re looking into the death of little girl that may have practically gone unnoticed if it weren’t for her foster parents.

Jorgie was only two years old when she died after being assaulted.

Her foster parents, Paula and Jon Fogarty, tell us she was an incredibly special girl, whom they fell in love with after she came to their home.

But, as in most foster situations, they knew they only had her temporarily.

Angela Kennecke: Did you anticipate anything like this happening?
Jon Fogarty: I always wondered how good things would go when she went back.

Six months after leaving the Fogarty’s home, the worst happened. Now, her mother is facing sentencing in her death, but only for felony child abuse.

In Thursday night’s investigation at 10 p.m., find out how the system failed this little girl and why her foster parents don’t want Jorgie to be forgotten.