SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — The feds and state are finally taking action against a New Jersey nursing home with one owner who has South Dakota ties, after bodies were found piled up in a tiny morgue during the COVID-19 pandemic. The nursing home was known as a “house of horrors.”

One of the owners of the Woodland Behavioral and Nursing Center in Andover is Louis Schwartz. He is the son of Joseph Schwartz and was an officer in Skyline Healthcare.

The Schwartz family operated nursing homes in South Dakota.

The State of South Dakota has filed a civil lawsuit against the Schwartzes, alleging Medicaid and employee benefits fraud.

In the New Jersey nursing home incident, according to the New Jersey Department of Health, a judge has now ordered the home into receivership in order to protect the safety of residents. An accounting firm with expertise in health care restructuring will take over the home.

Despite placing another health system as a monitor over the facility in March, the N.J. Department of Health says the facility’s operators have failed to address and maintain adequate staffing levels and a safe environment of care. The federal government has also notified the facility that it will terminate its Medicare agreement on June 25.

The now-defunct Skyline Healthcare, which was run by the Schwartz family, operated 19 South Dakota nursing homes in 2018 and put 900 seniors at risk after it couldn’t pay its bills or its employees.

Joseph Schwartz is now facing federal charges in a multi-million dollar tax fraud scheme, as well as criminal charges in Arkansas where Skyline operated nursing homes.