SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Imagine what it would be like to live with something like this?

Home video of roaches in a Tzadik Management property in Sioux Falls is not an isolated incident. KELOLAND News cameras captured roaches when we were invited inside tenants’ apartments at several complexes.

From roaches to rodents, hundreds of tenants who rent Tzadik Management properties around Sioux Falls have started their own Facebook group to share their frustrations.

“They were everywhere. They were in our cupboards, all over the floor, the living room, the bathroom. It was just disgusting and we didn’t have anywhere else to go,” said Danielle Odens, former Mayfair Place tenant.

“This slowly progressed to where I was telling them, I’m seeing them in my room guys, I’m seeing them in the living room, they’re working their way into the woodwork of my furniture,” said Justin Gawell, Arnold’s Park tenant.

But pests and rodents aren’t the only problem tenants are reporting. A lack of security has led to people coming into their buildings off the streets, and an increase in crimes at their complexes is backed up by police data.

“When we first moved in, the first couple of months, you would need a key to get in the building. But then the locks broke on the back door and front door and they just never fixed it. So whoever, whenever could just walk in,” Odens said.

The Florida company bought up nearly 2 dozen apartment complexes in the city in 2018. Tenants say under this new management they’ve experienced pests, mold, slow repairs, rundown buildings and more crime.

“I’m being charged a ridiculous amount of rent to live in a roach-infested apartment,” Gawell said.

In Wednesday night’s KELOLAND News investigation into these “Revolting Rentals,” Angela Kennecke exposes the dirty truth of these rentals and why tenants say they are fed up with the $1 billion dollar property owner.