SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Tonight our KELOLAND News Investigation into issues with justice for abused children in Codington County continues.

We are looking into a horrifying case of child abuse and why the alleged perpetrator walked away a free man.

James Kaska is a registered sex offender living in Watertown

Earlier this month, we exposed a case where a registered sex offender in Codington County watched children at a home daycare, which is illegal. But there were no consequences. It came to light after a four-year-old girl told her mother that James Kaska sexually abused her. KELOLAND’s Angela Kennecke confronted Kaska at his Watertown home.

Kennecke: I’m Angela Kennecke from KELO-TV. I’m here to talk to you about Autumn Strichertz’s daughter. In June of 2019. What happened? James, what happened?
Kaska: Do you want to talk to my lawyer?
Kennecke: Do you want to give me your lawyer’s name? Can you tell me what happened? Did you molest…
Kaska: Where did you come from?
Kennecke: Did you molest the little girl?
Kaska: No, I did not.
Kennecke: You did not?
Kaska: No.
Kennecke: You said in your deposition that her pants were down. James?
Kaska: Excuse me?
Kennecke: You said in your deposition that her pants were down when you were watching them?
Kaska: I’m calling the police.
{Door slams}

Watertown police felt they had a solid case against Kaska, but he was never charged. But that’s not the only case of abuse against a child in Watertown that has fallen through the cracks. Kayla Jurgens says she witnessed her five-year-old girl being tied up to a chair in a closet for hours by her now ex-husband, Brendon Wicken.

Brendon Wicken, Kayla Jurgens, Grandmother, Linda Schei, and the child/Submitted Photo

“I only found out because he had called me one time because she went to the bathroom. She tried to get him to let her go and he refused and he called me because she made a mess and I had to come home and clean it up,” Kayla Jurgens said.

What happened next will astound you. Coming up Tuesday in our investigation on KELOLAND News at Ten, “No Justice for a Little Girl,” we look at what it took for police to finally be able to charge Wicken with felony child abuse and why he is a free man today after the Codington County State’s Attorney failed to follow through in the case.