Out of all the creditors, The American Indian Institute for Innovation will get the biggest chunk of money from the Westerhuis estate.  

Of the more than $600,000 remaining after the sale of the property, $442,242 goes to AIII.  AIII took the grant money to run the GEAR UP programs for Mid Central.  Scott Westerhuis and Stacy Phelps started the non-profit organization.  

AIII provided the probate court with receipts showing purchases by Scott Westerhuis made on its accounts for nearly $1 million. 

Receipts show Scott Westerhuis spent hundreds of thousands of AIII money on most of the things KELOLAND News showed you during the auction of the estate near Platte. 

Estate Of Scott And Nicole Westerhuis Up For Auction
Church Group Has Successful Bid On Westerhuis Property

That includes heavy construction equipment, all the exercise equipment in the gym, a spa and a pole barn.
Westerhuis also put more than $30,000 of AIII money in his kids’ college accounts.

According to court papers, the South Dakota Department of Education must withdraw its claims against the estates of the Westerhuises.  However, the state can still try to recover grant money from AIII.