There’s an overflow of homeless pets in Sioux Falls. The Humane Society wasn’t even taking some animals just a few days ago. We stopped by to find out what they’re doing to deal with the increase.

When someone can no longer care for their pets, they do an “owner surrender” and leave them at the Humane Society for adoption. The problem is, sometimes the shelter runs out of room and has to turn those pets away for a little while.

“If it isn’t an emergent situation, we just ask them to be added to our wait list and we will call them in the next couple of days. That wait list gets called fairly quickly,” said CJ Burd, Front Office Lead at Humane Society. 

That was the case just a few days ago, as the shelter is currently dealing with an influx of pets right now.

“We’ve had a lot of kittens. We’ve had a lot of kittens this year. Off and on throughout the year. Usually it use to be Spring is kitten season. Now, all year is kitten season,” said Kori Baade, Executive Director of Sioux Falls Area Humane Society. 

The Humane Society did recently change policies and now requires anyone wanting to adopt to register first.

CJ Burd at the front desk says the process only takes about 5 minutes, and they’re more than happy to work with people to help them find the perfect match. It’s all an effort to get more pets adopted, and avoid reaching maximum capacity. 

“If we’re saying that we’re full, that’s what it is unfortunately. We do everything we can to open up that space, so we don’t have to turn somebody away. We don’t want to do that,” said Burd. 

“We just have to make sure when we do get an overabundance, we have to make sure we care for them properly. Make sure that they’re in good care here. We have to watch that very carefully all the time,” said Baade. 

The Humane Society says the best way you can help out is either by adopting or taking animals in for foster care. If you choose to foster pets, the Humane Society will give you the supplies you need to care for the animals.

If you need to surrender a pet, be sure to call ahead.