If you love animals listen up! The Sioux Falls Area Humane Society will soon need your help with kittens. Spring is a busy time of year for a frenzy of feline families.

This is Junior. His brother is Avalanche. They’re the start of an anticipated landslide of new arrivals at the animal shelter that will be put up for adoption.

“As soon as it starts to get nice outside, barn kitties find other barn kitties and then we tend to have lots of litters here,” Events Coordinator Allison Wyant said.

The goal is to find Junior and Avalanche their forever homes.

While kittens are the stars out here, they don’t want you to forget about the older cats, like Grace who has been at the shelter for quite a while.

“She’s 11 and she’s our oldest cat, obviously we want our kittens to go to a home as well, but we also want them to remember the old long term residence that we have here as well,” Wyant said.

Right now the shelter has 50 to 60 older cats that are still waiting for someone to adopt them and take them home.

In the meantime, the Humane Society is looking for other homes to foster kittens as they anticipate new arrivals by the dozens, soon.

“We supply them with all the food, the blankets, the toys anything they could possibly need, medical care if they need it, you’re just giving them a home for a couple of months while they grow up until they’re able to go up for adoption,” Peterson said.

A simple process that’ll give kittens and cats, forever homes.