Holidays can be a fun time for your friends and family, but for your pets, it can be stressful.

In the days following Fourth of July celebrations, the Sioux Falls Area Humane Society’s intake of stray animal is more than 30.

“We see a lot of animals being surrendered during Christmas time, things like that,” Malorie Adamson said. “There’s a lot of different things that influence it. We’ll so those kind of numbers towards those sort of events and things like that throughout the year.” 

Adamson says the buzz of the holiday can create anxious feelings for your animals. 

“Especially with people having the parties and things like that with all the commotion, the booms, the smells, just all the commotion from people and the fireworks, it creates stress on them,” Adamson said. 

Desiree Johnson has three pets, but when the holidays roll around she’s sure to especially be aware of her dog. 

“We keep my dog inside and sometimes put him in my room and turn on the fan or music so he can’t hear it,” Johnson said. 

Adamson says making sure you’re providing that safe environment for your pets is important. 

“If they get too anxious and worked up, their initial reaction is to escape or to run away to protect themselves. A lot of them will get spooked and run off, even if that might be out of character for them normally,” Adamson said. 

Just in case your animals do escape, Adamson encourages you to have all of their information as current as possible. 

“Make sure your ID tags are up to date with the correct information as well as getting them micro-chipped that way. If they get loose and their collar falls off there is a way to get them back to the rightful owner,” Adamson said. 

The 35 strays are actually a lower number than last year, but at the Humane Society they’re expecting that number to go up within the next few days.