Your family pet may have a fur coat, but that doesn’t mean they’re set to fight the frigid temperatures and blowing snow.

Folks in KELOAND are settling in for a dangerously cold weekend.

As you bundle up in your winter gear or settle into a warm, cozy room, remember your four-legged friends will want some relief from the sub-zero temperatures, too.

“I do think there’s some breeds that love the outside; they’re kind of built to be outside. That’s not a bad thing, but some people leave them out all day. That’s not appropriate, it’s not. They get cold just like people do,” Sioux Falls Area Human Society Executive Director Kori Baade said.

That’s why animals need the same things we do to protect ourselves from the winter weather. 

On top of food and fresh, unfrozen water, Sioux Falls Area Humane Society Executive Director Kori Baade says animals need some form of shelter that cannot be breached by the wind and snow.

“The biggest thing we want them to know is to make sure their pets stay in safe and warm. Some people I know have outside facilities for their pets, just to be sure that they have it covered,” Baade said.

Don’t forget paws are sensitive to the cold ground too.

Baade says you should add things like blankets and hay to your animal’s shelter for more protection. If you don’t have the proper shelter to protect your pet from the elements this winter, Baade says you need to bring them inside.

“If you’re uncomfortable and you’re cold, they probably are too. And, of course, pets always want to be with their people so then it makes both people warm,” Baade said.

If you see an animal that is lost or needs help, you should call your local animal control.