How To Add More Water To Your Diet


You won’t find Carly Hegstad at her job at Lawrence and Schiller without her water bottle. 

“At this point it’s become mindless to me, too. I sometimes bring it with me into restaurants or grocery shopping because I just so used to carrying it around all the time,” Carly Hegstad said. 

Hegstad tries to drink half of her body weight in ounces of water. 

That’s one goal to aim for. 

Or you could try for eight glasses that are eight ounces. 

Dietian Amanda Lambrechts has encountered clients who aren’t getting the water they need. 

“I think that’s something people struggle with if we’re just not thinking about it, whether it’s if you have time to drink water during the day or if you’re worried about having to go to the bathroom at work and not being productive,” Registered Dietian Amanda Lambrechts said. 

So how do you hydrate more often?

It turns out Hegstad’s idea is one way to go. 

“Keeping a water bottle on you at all times is really helpful. I can’t believe the number of people who don’t do that,” Lambrechts said. 

Lambrechts says you may also be more inspired to drink more water if you buy a new water bottle. 

Don’t like the idea of drinking plain old water? How about adding some fruit to it or you could try sparkling water. 

Or try getting up and moving around at work. 

“Maybe fill up your water at the same time can maybe be things that get you out of that normal routine where you’re maybe not drinking water,” Lambrechts said. 

Hegstad started getting serious about her water intake about three years ago, and she’s glad she did. 

“I was just kind of in a slump and I needed something different and started doing some research on both health and fitness simultaneously and realized that water can be a small adjustment that can make a big difference in your day,”Hegstad said. 

You can also eat more foods that are rich in water such as grapes or lettuce. 

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