If you have an eye for home designing but don’t want to spend a fortune to do it, a Sioux Falls specialty store might be able to meet your needs.

Sioux Falls Habitat for Humanity ReStore has been around since 2002. Yet, the best part about shopping here is the money you spend goes towards a good cause.

Home improvement enthusiast Julie Schnaible is a regular at Habitat for Humanity ReStore.

“Now I’m hooked! I just keep coming back,” Schnaible said, “My husband and I started flipping houses 4 or 5 years ago, and this was a great destination to come when we were looking for bathroom vanities, or fixtures, even kitchen cabinets.”

From fine quality cabinets to recycled sinks and toilet, you can find just about anything here for a discounted price. Store operators say it’s become a hotspot for building contractors and home improvers.

“Not everyone has the budget or the room in their budget to go to your big box stores when they want to do some home-improvements or improvements to their apartment. or to do some minor fixes, so we are a fantastic resource for people of all budgets,” ReStore Coordinator Alisha Grove said.

You have the option to drop off or pick up. If you’re buying, 100 percent of the store’s proceeds go toward Habitat for Humanity’s mission to build a home for someone in need.  

“Everybody deserves a decent, affordable, place to call home. It’s really about trying to end that cycle of poverty, especially in our own community,” Grove said.

Schnaible is just glad her dollars can help.

“It’s so satisfying to see that they have a safe place and a warm place for them and their families, so I absolutely think its a great organization,” Schnaible said.

Store operators say ReStore keeps over 300 tons of building material out of the landfill each year.