SIOUX FALLS (KELO) — The Winter Wonderland light display at Falls Park is seeing a surge in holiday site-seers. Around 1-thousand people stopped by the Visitor Center on Wednesday alone. And that’s not counting all the people in the park who didn’t make it inside. But the city doesn’t have to flip the light switch for people to be drawn to the park during the holidays.

Falls Parks provides a serene setting to enjoy a warm cup of coffee on a cool winter’s morning for daytime visitors like Jack Rollings.

“It’s just more peaceful. Not as many people. You see people like myself come down and have coffee. You probably see the same people every day, maybe,” Rollings said.

Sue Scofield visits Falls Park as many as five times a week, accompanied by her dog, Etta.

“It’s a perfect environment for a dog and she loves to walk the trails,” Scofield said.

Tyler Nettestad has the day-off from work so he brought his two children for some daytime exploring at the park.

“The mild December weather has brought us out here this morning, to walk around and enjoy playing on the rocks,” Nettestad said.

The Nettestads are also nighttime visitors to Falls Park, enjoying the holiday glow of Winter Wonderland.

“I really like to see the whole, entire park lit up. It’s a great site, a great thing for this city,” Nettestad said.

Winter warm-ups tend to bring more people to Falls Park. Especially the closer we get to Christmas.

“You see a lot more people around at night. To see the lights and you hear the helicopters cruising around, to enjoy the Christmas lights here, too. I honestly applaud the parks department because I see the work they’ve put in to put up all these Christmas lights,” Scofield said.

But the park can put on a holiday display during the daytime as well. The waterfall, encased in a shiny sheet of ice, showcases the frozen splendor of winter in KELOLAND. To the visitors, Falls Park is festive no matter the time of day.

“It’s just always really pleasant, anytime of year,” Scofield said.

The visitor center at Falls Park averages around 300 people a day during the weekdays, around 1-thousand people a day on the weekends.

Winter Wonderland runs nightly through January 9th.