A South Dakota Highway Patrol officer is facing felony theft charges. Brian Biehl is charged with Grand Theft by Law Enforcement Seized Property.

We looked over the court papers to find out what led to his arrest and why Biehl says he did it.

$69,668. That’s how much money Brian Biehl admits he took between May of 2012 and October of this year. 

According to the affidavit in the case, Biehl was caught when numbers didn’t add up after a seizure, and he later admitted to stealing thousands of dollars over several years.

He admitted the thefts had been, “Going on for quite some time.”  Adding that he took the cash to pay bills saying, “I know I screwed up.” 

Biehl told an investigator he took the money from evidence bags and kept the empty bags in a briefcase in his squad car. 

He also said he never took money during traffic stops or by selling the drugs he confiscated.

Biehl says he saved the evidence bags because he planned on paying the money back someday. 

Biehl was working out of the South Dakota Highway Patrol office in Chamberlain. He worked with one of the department’s K-9 officers, which is why he handled so many drug cases. He blames the thefts on his “poor management” of money.