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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. - For some, life can become stressful and often times that stress carries into your workplace. 

When your mental health isn't where it should be, your work may feel the effects. 

Juli Jess says a healthy workplace is key to a successful workplace.
That's why she says having a counselor visit her employees is crucial. 

"It's not just about focusing on what they're doing here at work but on what happens outside of work affecting what they do inside of work. So, we truly believe to have them engaged that we want to help them work through those concerns as they come up," Jess said.

Counselor Megan Spawn with Well365 says aside from helping employees deal with stress, it allows their work performance to improve. 

"Allowing those employees to have this as an option to address emotional wellness and relationship concerns I think is so vital to the company's success," Spawn said. 

Spawn visits various workplaces and meets with employees onsite, eliminating the task of actually scheduling and driving to an appointment.

With this service being offered onsite, Jess says she's noticed a higher level of participation in mental health wellness. 

"Certainly offering things to be here, present, onsite has really helped because it takes away that stigma of maybe having to go to a clinic or some place like that," Jess said.

Spawn currently works with several local businesses. 

"On a daily basis, it can be weekly, monthly. It really depends on the request of the company," Spawn said. 

Discussing topics ranging from everyday stress all the way to serious life matters. 

"Companies aren't just the employee, you know it really is a wholeness perspective," Spawn said. 

And it's not just limited to the employee. 

"We also cover for our team members families or depends to use those services, so we try not to limit it to just the team members," Jess said. 

Allowing an employees mental wellness to become healthy both in and outside of the workplace. 

To find out more information on the services Spawn offers, click here.

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